Natarajasana - (Royal Dancer)

Natarajasana - (Royal Dancer)
Amy Jin - Courtesy of "The Pitch" & Angela Bond

Big Ups!

Voted "Kansas City's 'Best Yoga Teacher" by The People & The Pitch (2007)
Santa Monica (Bryan Kest) Power Yoga Instructor, Trained & Certified (Quintana Roo/Tulum, Mexico)(2005)
A 3-week, 200 hour in-depth immersion in yoga thought, philosophy, and practice including but not limited to 100 hours of Hatha practice and meditation, 100 hours of learning the multi-dynamic possibilities of asana and meditation, as well as Satsang, Sanskrit, kirtan, noble silence, juice fasting, and a 10 hour master Iyengar course.

Spiritual Illumination & Leadership (Kansas City Metro Area, KS & MO+)(since 2002)
Expert on the Indigo/Crystal Children phenomenon, healing, and in-the-Light, all-natural lifestyle-related topics, featured in The Edge, KC Wellness Magazine,,, and The Kansas City Star. Featured speaker for the Psychic Studies Institute (Unity Temple on the Plaza), UMKC's Communiversity, The University of Kansas Medical Center's Interdenominational/Interfaith Alliance, Gardens of Delight, UCOP (Unity Church of Overland Park), Unity Temple on the Plaza (independent event), The Dubuque Community School District Board, holistic healing centers & spiritual bookstores across the country, etc.

Full-Ride Division I Scholarship Athlete (Volleyball), Summa Cum Laude (3.95/4.0 G.P.A.)(DePaul University)(Chicago, IL)(2000)
Conference USA All Freshman Team Nominee. DePaul University Athletic Department’s Jean Nordberg Award recipient (DePaul Athletic Banquet), given for excellence in leadership, personal character, and academics. (Senior year Co-)Captain. DePaul University's College of Commerce's Honors Marketing Program (by selection). Bachelor's of Science in (Honors) Marketing.

The State of Iowa's Class 3A Player of the Year (Largest Class at the Time)(Volleyball), Salutatorian (3.99/4.0 G.P.A.)(Wahlert High School)(Dubuque, IA)(1996)
+ (Athletic Stripes in Reverse Chronology) Mizuno 1st-Team All-Star Selection
1996 Class 3A State Champions
1st-Team All-State Tournament
1st-Team Elite All-State
Mississippi Valley Conference "Athlete of the Year"
1st-Team All-Mississippi Valley Conference
The Telegraph Herald 1st-Team All-Area
Team Co-Captain
Female award recipient of Wahlert High School's prestigious Galen P. Thomas Award, given for excellence in academic awareness, citizenship, reliability, and participation in other activities in and outside of academia (nomination by coaches).

Post-Photo Shoot, Sat./10.29.11

New Paradigmatic Enlightenment Services:

This Movement is committed to the spiritual power of individuals who are committed to their own spiritual growth and existence while they R here. Therefore, all prices are negotiable for those who desire to become more enlightened, ascended, Christ or Buddha-like, and additional donations are always welcome towards this informally begun non-profit Movement.

If U are sincere and have pure intentions, you will immediately be seen for that. These prices reflect an acknowledgment of the capitalistic society in which we live, believes that the best in class deserve to be paid accurately 4 their gifts, and that, in an ideal society, the enlightened would flow money power, if such a thing even existed. It also believes that $ means nothing to the truly powerful, but creating Utopia, so to speak, according to the rules until they R different, is also the place to be.

I find that my practitioners/students who invest and do the work, individually, with me, especially in conjunction with regular attendance to the asana classes I lead, see tremendous benefit, including pretty immediate "huge" revelations, releases of pent-up emotion, a "synchronistic" or miraculous event, or a job promotion, to name a few.

  • · LEARNING (Ashtanga-based)(Santa Monica) POWER YOGA &/or MEDITATION (with many types of influence—primarily Zen Soto [Buddhist], New Age/Metaphysical, & “the kind yogis do in class”) WITH ME-$85 4 1 Personalized Lesson. U may purchase a pre-paid group of 10 sessions for $800 (8-mo. expiration from date of purchase, intended, ideally, for use within 1.5-2)(non-refundable, non-transferable, however, unused sessions may be donated to other students in financial need prior to their expiring). No “traveling” fees in this Movement, except over 20 miles.
  • · EMF BALANCING TECHNIQUE (Phases I-IV) and SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION SESSIONS-Advanced Energywork connected to the Indigo and Crystal Children Phenomenon, also known as the "Martial Art Of The Heart," and Spiritual Teaching & Guidance Sessions-for truth & healing to the center of your being from an “awakened forerunner Indigo/Crystal Child” (That means “Spiritual Luminary with a high level of spiritual acumen & accuracy”). Typical topics that emerge or are brought to the latter are Work, Relationships, Life Purpose, Core or Untapped Gifts, including Spiritual ones, and past hurts that require higher perspective to be unwound into free-flowing energy. $200 per session (Typically, 1 hr.-1 hr. and 15 min.).
  • · SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION-BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and IMPROVEMENT FROM WITHIN for sole proprietors to corporations. Cost depends on project & can be adapted to fit your budget. Please inquire.
  • Cash, check, & money orders are acceptable methods of payment. Amy Jin may be reached at with inquiries or to schedule.
  • Spiritual Illumination Sessions can be done in person, by phone, and also in writing (electronically or hand-written). Energywork can also be done over the phone.

Sitting With Source: Meditation

Sitting With Source: Meditation
Sitting Still Has Never Been So Golden - Photography Courtesy of Angela (Schmelzer) Steffen

Titthibhasana - (Firefly Pose)

Titthibhasana - (Firefly Pose)

Honorable Giving: Generous Love Offerings Power This Movement

Honorable Giving: Generous Love Offerings Power This Movement
Feel good about contacting to give and receive (M/7.29.2013: Feel good about knowing that this has already begun, more officially than ever before, since my return to Dubuqueland on 12.31.2011. Let's keep it flowing Big on behalf of Source). Needed immediately (Contact Amy Jin [ or 563.556.3524] for details):

  • -Donations to fund positive Activities, spreading Santa Monica Power Yoga-based teachings and lifestyle, traditional Ashtanga Yoga, traditional meditation, and wisdom teachings from myriad traditions that help to awaken and enlighten a people, regardless of physical location
  • -Donations to back a Physical Location/Income for my teaching and this Movement--S/4.5.2014: We might have at least one NEW! backing landlord/venue, Dubuqueland, so stay tuned.
  • -Others in Mass Media to donate Promotion of the ideals/ideas examined here for the enlightenment and spiritual dimension of those who would benefit from this Movement
  • -A Contemporary, Cutting-Edge Web Designer on donation/trade with the Movement to provide 'Net presence
  • -A Network of Elite Healers to Exchange Holistic Healing/Spiritual/Conventional Medicine/(Holistic) Dentistry Work on Trade, who R committed to excellence in their practice, with teachers and leaders of this Movement, as it develops

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana - (Standing Splits, Y'All!)

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana - (Standing Splits, Y'All!)

2011 Lovers of This Spiritual Movement & Amy Jin's Work: Given Resources, Products, Services

  • Jessica Schifman, Power Yogini (Overland Park, Kansas)(Kansas City Metro Area): Intuitively and custom-made lifestyle products-Please inquire about intuitively-made Power Yoga Mat Straps. My latest is about the beauty of the ancestors (Native American power!) and the Buddha.
  • Sarah Brent, Amy Jin's Co-Captain from DePaul (Volleyball)(Bella Vista, Arkansas): $ supporting the Movement!
  • Lauren Naylor & Focal Point Salon (Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ): Haircut & rockin' purple hair color *TRADE*-turned-Love Offering to Love Yoga: The Movement. A beautiful team effort on Mayo Blvd. to rep Beauty on this list (
  • B.J. & the Metro Motorsports/RideNow Powersports Peoria team* (Peoria, Arizona)(Phoenix Metro Area): YAMAHA Zuma 125 TLC & industry friendship. And they still have my hot chocolate! Become less of a burden on this planet by supporting the rockin' hype color, fun, sensitivity, creativity, style, & opportunity for self-mastery, better operation of all motor vehicles, & personal expressiveness through Motorsports wherever U R (!
  • KEY: $=$1-500, $$=$501-1000, $$$=$1001-10,000, $$$$=Over $10,000

2012 Powering-The-Yoga Supa Humans/Collective Efforts!

  • Jessica Schifman, Power Yogini (Overland Park, Kansas)(Kansas City Metro Area): An Amy Jin-encouraged Power Yoga mat strap line, finally developed! I was rockin' one on mine while teaching in Kansas City before any yoga brand came out with similar concepts. "Gold" has been donated to Love Yoga: The Movement (
  • Dr.Joseph A. Magno***, Author, retired Associate Professor of Philosophy at Loras College, and healing practitioner (Dubuque, Iowa): $ for the journey/to support me/the Movement!
  • Sarah-Mom and Sam-Dad Schmelzer**, former Dubuque Internal Medicine Business Office Woman & Golden-Day John Deere Dubuque Works Laborer, respectively (Dubuque, Iowa): $ to raise the current official vehicle of the Movement, my YAMAHA Zuma 125, from the dead and get it back on the road for the first time in Iowa!
  • Northeast Iowa Community College, one of the top ten community colleges in the nation (by the Aspen Institute)!(Peosta, Iowa): Provost approval and leadership (who R Power Yogi/nis!) hoorah!s to post Love Yoga: The Movement flyers and class times at both the Peosta campus and the Dubuque Center locations. U can't get more enlightened than that! Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement, both, support the development of enlightened human beings, a more conscious, intelligent society, and delighting in the enchantment of learning thru whatever excellent means necessary!
  • Brett Albarado, fellow Light bringer, a former colleague at the horrifying Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village, MO (Red Wing, Minnesota): $ given in the truest spirit of tithing to this Movement.
  • Please note: All Love Offerers are listed with their permission. All who support The Movement R encouraged to receive due recognition and karma for their actions thru this section. Please be aware that there are also those listed who since have been terminated, in regard to their relationship to myself and/or Love Yoga: The Movement but, by my choice, will continue to be listed until I determine to axe all mention of them. As always, may all beings receive their due and righteous karma. As a Catholic schoolgirl, I learned it was once said, "Whatsoever U do to the least of my people, that U do unto me." It wasn't mentioned what would happen when U hurt or harm one of the most significant souls, or on that same token, help them, because it hopefully requires no explanation:
  • *Hmm-mm.
  • **On spiritual/psychic probation by Source. And by Source, not humans, because spiritual invasion or psychic stalking by other humans is not only creepy as crap but against Spiritual Law. Don't break any laws. Simply arm yourself with the truth, and do not stray from it.
  • ***Energy no longer allowed to affiliate with Love Yoga: The Movement. Period. Until further notice.

The 2013 Honorable Love Offerers of Love Yoga: The Movement

  • Wal-Mart-Dubuque, my hometown's location of the American retail giant (Dubuque, Iowa): A gift certificate to provide all-natural/organic food for the upcoming Ashtanga/Power Yoga Film Pow-Wow & to Love Yoga: The Movement, in general! Thanks to Jennifer, Cash Manager, for taking the time to hear my vision, the resistance to help by other Food & Grocery people in town, & taking about 3 seconds to respond enthusiastically that "Yes!" they'd help and "Thanks for all you're doing!" in a society where genuine gratitude is a rarity. Now, that's Power Yoga leadership. Way to step up to the mic, Wal-Mart!
  • Brett Albarado, fellow Light bringer (Seer, Channel, Reader...), former colleague at the "The-Indigo-Children-Will-Need-2-Get-Their-Own-Movement!" Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village, MO, multi-purpose Maintenance Mechanic, vehicular healer, & an all-around amazing incarnate Angel (Red Wing, Minnesota): $$$ donated to Amy Jin, Love Yoga: The Movement, & the spread of wise, conscious, intelligent creation of the world's future, from ground up, as a celebration of the existence of universal love that transcends belief.
  • Monks Kaffee Pub* (Dubuque, Iowa): An original, A&E & consciousness-supporting concept on Bluff Love Offering the space and media equipment for our Love Yoga: The Movement May 26th Ashtanga/Santa Monica Power Yoga Film Pow-Wow & Satsang, giving everyone another home off our yoga mats!
  • Bill Finn, President of Scorpio Productions & one of the first "regular" Power Yoga practitioners in this area! (Dubuque, IA): For being the bridge that led to the connection for the event with Trish Feldman, Monks Kaffee Pub's awesome Co-Owner, who relayed, "They're TOTALLY excited to host it!" Music & chai officially makes the world go 'round.
  • David C. Moeller, Lead Tech Coach for the Dubuque Community School District & dedicated, front-row practitioner in practice! (Dubuque, IA): $ given with gratitude, in class & with class, to Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement for the spread of Is-ness on the planet.
  • Anonymous (4 now)!, Food leader of the new paradigms represented by Love Yoga: The Movement (Dubuqueland, IA): $ generously given in faith to The Movement, exemplifying keeping one's word, leadership by example, the power of right alliance, & working positive karma in integrity. Cheers to alliances kept solid thru enlightenment & real effort on both sides. "Clean food" is also about chi. Think "U R what U eat."

The 2014 Love Offerers' Wall Of Celebration & Is-ness--

  • Brett Albarado, Maintenance Mechanic, Aspiring Power Yogi!, & embodiment of Faith in the Truth (Red Wing, Minnesota): $ above & beyond the Suggested Love Offering for individualized work, as a way of giving & expressing love naturally & perfectly.

Urdhva Dhanurasana - (Backbend)

Urdhva Dhanurasana - (Backbend)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

*+Tally Marks: E-Update From Amy Jin & Love Yoga: The Movement--SU/1.30.2013*

With editing...From the E-Update stream:

The End of the World at TAIKO Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

     Some of you R aware of the scattered external existence I've maintained trying to lead this Power Yoga Movement, not excluding the time here in Dubuque/Iowa all of 2012.
     Some of you R aware that I finally left TJS&SB at the tail end of October after a major sexual harrassment incident with one of the leaders, after which he did everything except weep at my feet to not sue him.  So I chose not to, even though Spirit said I should.
     But when all you see in some of these places is drama, get your pure energy pulled into that drama, have it used to amplify & add color splashes to all the drab and ugly ick that fuels other people's lives, it's not far from saying U'd rather not than be "helped" by these places, if helped at all.
     After one too many power trips by Eddie Hwang & Rose Chuang, the husband and wife team who own it, especially when so many patrons, as usual, assumed I was the owner--or at the very least 1 of their kids--and going Urdhva Dhanurasana for them whenever possible, only to have my schedule slashed for shady reasons, I told her by phone to go screw herself, basically, when she told me, "Not on the schedule next week! Call next week!"--("Wow, I'm really quitting.")  There was no hesitation when I said, "I don't think I'll be back."
     I accidentally called there once, months later, and Eddie answered the phone.  I thought he was going to cry, "It's good to hear your voice."
     Apparently.  Because the week after I left, the cops busted in there & arrested the dishwasher--a woman.  And either before or after that, the rockstar chef who has a violent, stalker girlfriend/wifey, was arrested for some kind of assault on her, which was probably self-defense, being that she also used to work at TJS&SB & was thrown out of there for ranting and raving about something, which continued down the road when the chef started sleeping with everyone else, including stalking people in the parking lot during business hours, slapping one of the waitresses at a bar downtown when she saw her with aforementioned dude, & threatening to kill her.  In between rumored drug deals.  Classy.  And classic for where I've found myself trying to find my imaginary mountain to climb back up on.
     Well, after I walked, I guess everybody quit.  Like everybody.  But the place has a high rate of returning quit/fired employees, so who knows?  I guess everyone misses the wild stripper stories from half the wait staff who migrated over after East Dubuque shut down or watching everyone else have a screaming match with Eddie or Rose and then quit because of one of them--likely Rose.
     You know, during Power Yoga Teacher Training, Bryan shared with us that he bussed tables when he first started teaching in L.A.  I don't know if he went to college, but I do know that he was a rising star at YogaWorks before, reliable WOM has it that he didn't get along with leadership at YogaWorks or had his own way of wanting to do things (There might be 1 or more other well-known yogis of his generation who actually had the same experience there).  Enter Optimal Enchantment/Randall Cooley and Bryan's interesting cast of characters who helped him have and maintain the space now known as Santa Monica Power Yoga East, where 130+ people (still?) line up on Santa Monica Blvd. to do any one of Bryan's classes on Love Offering basis, dropping their money in an ornate wooden box before they leave.
     Even though that track has opened to help me, as well, unfortunately, it's during these head-shaking times where restaurants all over the country have bombed, and continue to bomb.  Not only has the "finding my own corporate job back to back myself" idea not worked at all thus far, but the supplementary income track hasn't been working for me for a while.  In fact, when I was living down in Phoenix, & after I returned to IA, joking had turned to half seriousness when I said, "I think I need a bodyguard."  After yesterday, the consummate anti-gun leader spent most of today wondering if investing in a piece wouldn't be a good idea.
     So fast forward to mid-December--just a mo. ago.  Rose's son, who helps run the restaurant when he's back on break from U of IA, freaked! when he found out not only that I quit but also that, mass exodus-style, kind of like my first job out of college in IT, so did everyone else--and I mean everyone.  So he begged, and I set certain expectations in a short-term agreement to return to help over the holidays FOR HIM.  After all, Rose had left for Taiwan (It wasn't clear if it was spontaneous because everyone hated her or planned) again, & he & I had a pretty solid way of teaming up to run things smoothly as silk, when allowed.
     Helping over the holidays turned into being seduced into helping beyond the holidays, so I reached a crucial juncture where I was looking at, "Hmm. Am I 'going back' to this, or should I draw a line?"  Some cool people I liked working with had all come back, too, so I played it one week at a time and was offered whatever nights I wanted next week.  I was supposed to say what I wanted yesterday.
     Instead, Eddie (as the kid at Kwik Stop in Key West said best) went "PSYCHO" on me.  I could spill a lot of people's desires at that restaurant out on the street, but instead, I'll say that it was a power trip.  At least getting reamed this time wasn't about something he was flat out WRONG about, like usual, after which he doesn't even apologize, and had increased in frequency before I quit the first time as I became more comfortable and carrying authority not only as the in-house yogini but as the overqualified Front of House Manager/possibly something more, being taken advantage of as a Hostess.
     I mean, there were 2 tables left before we had a closed book--one for 10, one for 8.  I set up the last 2 reservation tables of 7 & 8 at those two tables, respectively, and after he had taken the risk earlier of power tripping (again) by telling me to put all reservations at separate tables, instead of together, as usual--to which I questioned it but just did it, even though I thought it was risky, he has the gall to come out and SCREAM at me, "Why did you put the 8 at B1 and...[the other party at the larger table]"  "What? It's totally arbitrary. They're the last 2 reservations, & now we're full, as planned--It's 1 person difference. It doesn't even matter."  SCREAMING!!!  Slammed his fist down 2 inches away from my body on the Hostess stand, while I stood there in heels, staring into his soul.  Grabs the phone violently out of my hand--hurts my hand as he does so--"GET OUT!!!  GET OUT!!!!!!"
     You know, it was rumored that I was a "favorite" of the restaurant's--leadership included.  And so, I couldn't help but smile, for some reason, after he stormed away, even though I'd just been attacked for absolutely no reason.
     Maybe it's that I was told by the bartender's girlfriend last weekend that all the guys at the restaurant "want to marry" me.
     Maybe it's because there was clear speculation that the son back from Iowa liked me and, suddenly, I wasn't there because of my connection with Eddie but my bond with his somewhat contentious stepson.
     I thought about leaving after I'd grabbed my things in utter disbelief, but instead, I Kali-style'd back in, rounded the whole restaurant, before finding him standing like a Chinese soldier in the main dining room.  I grabbed his arm, looked him in the eyes and said, "If you EVER come at me like that again, I will call the police."  He yells, in front of his whole, full dining room which, ironically, happens on nights when I'm working, "Go ahead!  They're waiting for you!"  "No, they're waiting 4 U, Eddie," I yelled back.
     So I went over to Kwik Stop where 2 kind of squirrely guys, possibly in a mildly disrespectful way, were working in a pretty empty store (This was a little after 6P) and told them what happened and called the cops.
     We had to call Dispatch 45 min. later? to make sure they didn't get lost.  I told the now compassionate, cool Stephen guy who offered me a drink on them & had asked for the whole story, that I hoped this wasn't the Dubuque Police Department's way of expressing their priority on violence against women in professional environments.  A stream of conversation about my life, my travels, Power Yoga, places in the country he'd like to see (He had never really been outside of Iowa except to go to Chicago once!), my torture in overqualification, etc., which turned into him trying to recruit me to work for Kwik Stop!  I laughed, "I don't know.  I don't think I can do this anymore.  I've seen this [meaning the Eddie situation] way more than I can say, and I can't do it anymore."  He was totally encouraging, so I promised I'd touch base with his GM & ask about Marketing or what they had available, but, if nothing else, tell her that Stephen was a rockstar.  "You even say my name right," he said excitedly, "No one says my name right!"
     The cop shows up an hour later? I become acutely aware of how freaked out I've been about almost everything bad that's happened to me in the past several years but that I've never been "home" when it's happened, nor had I ever been as perfectly aware how literally no one cared.  Not a single person.  Other than caring strangers.
     I remembered angrily how some of my closest friends and family members yelled out, possessed by the Devil, via E-MAIL--when they hadn't seen or touched base with me for years--how I'd made it up!!!?!??? and when that proved itself completely asenine, that I DESERVED IT--my former best friend/teammate/roommate from DePaul going so far as to use the Law of Magnetism--something I illuminated for her and her husband--a partnership I encouraged into being! to tell me off!!!?? about racial discrimination, bullying, and wrongful termination (in multiple, strung-together incidents).  Insane.  Like Newtown, the gang rape victim over in India, and both of them when they also lost their corporate jobs in Peoria, IL at Caterpillar, not too long after I left mine.  They deserved it.  Not only did they deserve it--they CREATED IT.
     That's about the time any normal person starts softening to the idea of purchasing multiple guns.
     The cop was actually awesome, albeit ridiculously late.  He said he would go over & "have a talk with Eddie" since, technically, I could have him arrested for what's called "simple assault."  That means the person doesn't even have to touch you, just get violent in your direction/personal space.  "Disorderly conduct" at the very least, he said.  That would've been helpful when Sarah-Mom, the lady who raised me, actually did attack me when I came back under similar circumstances in 2010, but that time, when I called the cops here in Asbury, one of the responders was Harley Puthoff, I believe it is, whose creepy wife baby-sat when the parents went on vaca when she worked with the Sarah-Mom at Dubuque Internal Medicine.  So diseased corruption and backwardness, ignorance, bigotry, and injustice persists, oftentimes because people don't do what's right but help their so-called friends and neighbors with their cover-ups.
     It came to me in Spirit the other day during a walk that "there's no one left to enforce."  That Spirit meant the law.  Because so many have fallen to disgrace.  So what we'll be left with is a society of lesser evils?  What bothers me is "that has no desire to change or be led another way?"
     Allen (the stepson) had called more than once.  I finally talked to him--heatedly on my part--and it's not good for them.  Having said that, if you feel like some blood for supper, you might be able to find the next Hostess' in the sashimi since the only thing left is for him to jack her if she takes off from her Hostess stand with her left foot, not her right.
     TAIKO Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar has officially joined Amy Jin's "American Wall of Shame."  I've chalked them (both--Eddie and Rose) up as a waste of an Asian checkbox.

Do or die,

*Image of Amy Jin as a happy baby in a cute little pink dress, sitting for a cliched-but-requisite baby photographer because pink is the best color, other than black.*

"My first experience with talent recruitment was when two farm(-turned-city) kids from Iowa picked me from all the other South Korean babies who needed mothers and fathers and said, 'We'll take this one.' Then, following my engagement of the United States of America as I grew up, I was thrown into all the 'Talented and Gifted' programs and sent to all the youth leadership conferences, kind of in a whirlwind. Some call it destiny. Either way, it is so written." -Amy Jin

Love Yoga: The Movement
Dubuque, Iowa

*To be removed from the Love Yoga: The Movement Database, simply respond to this e-mail and say that. This Database is reserved for Love Yoga: The Movement Love Offerers/donors, paid healing/Spiritual Illumination clients, V.I.P. colleagues, my connections in related industries, regular practitioners of the work itself, and others in the moment becuz I say so.*

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Prasarita Padottanasana - (Spread-Legged Forward Fold Position)

Prasarita Padottanasana - (Spread-Legged Forward Fold Position)
The Shell-Toed, Park Bench Ad-Lib


Sometimes u got me feelin' like feelin' like I's high as high as a kite. Sometimes I's feelin' like sticky licky fingers in a can o' peanut butter and u gotta know better than this.

To take advantage of me's a tryst. U's usin' me 4 her. Her *****, her calm. It's the smile in my demeanor. I got u figured out.

I can't begin to tell u how to move, how to make it betta. Her personality's vexing--sure 'nuff is--& I think it's time u made her your world, or for once,
u gonna get kicked to the curb.

Now's the time for feelin' good. How 'bout u say what u feel(in').

I want you. That's what the point is. As piercing as it might be, you can feel it in your heart, can't u, Boo? Pretty ain't as pretty when it's covered in the aftershocks of your hos/fire and ice. In your head. Your jones for her, instead. Your moans. Emotions can't be played with when they's locked up in your head.

Here's the big picture: U want her, go get her. Feel me? Have no fear, & do it. Go get her. Be a prisoner no more. I tell u, it ain't worth fear. The shark underwater. The fierce pirate's been stealin' your loot, & it's u. Why u bein' severe about it? Pressure-free. Feel u? Feel me?


How can u say it ain't a peace thang. Your life's been tied down to nothing-ness since the day u met her. U don't sweat her. There. There's the matrimony. Dutifully. Please believe. In yourself. For once. Go and get her.

A-men. There's the prayer part of you. Puttin' it out there slow enough for truth-tellers to command something new. U think, like a messenger, it ain't ancient teachings I was sent to you? Put u in your new place, space for makin' a blazing choice. A "hi" "how u doin'" half a million dollar smile might work nice.

Best be spendin' those pennies. I like to see you spendin'. Prisoner no more, we've done better, I'm sure. At least u got to steppin' those feet in the right direction. And can't any diversion keep those feet from crossin' the threshhold to the new me, the new u.

Free at last. Free at last.

Thank Goddess & Buddha I'm libertad'd from u. You hunk a' monkey bread. Junkin' me up instead of practicin' what u got. It's sweet love. Sweetness and freedom that's been sent from above. Dios. Thank Dios. Apprecios mi pretty prose so at last I can feel my emptiness.

You got it. A prophet.

A harnesser.

A tryst.

It's over. Be at peace now.

We's complete.

U'r on your path.

And I worship you no more. Nirvana.

Me. So free. I'm back in paradise.

-Amy Jin
(This piece was written as an expression of both understanding other women's perspectives & offering them a higher option.)

Word Up.

Word Up.